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Genuine Hyundai Car Parts and Accessories.

Thanks to our successful servicing programs we hold a huge range of genuine Hyundai parts & accessories. Zupps Aspley Hyundai is part of Automotive Holdings Group (Australia’s largest motoring group), so you can trust our experienced team of Brisbane based experts when it comes to their experience of Hyundai car parts and accessories.  As Brisbane's best Hyundai Dealer, no one knows your Hyundai better!

Choose Hyundai parts.

Genuine parts ensure the longevity of your vehicle.  Hyundai parts are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure the life span of your vehicle. Choosing genuine Hyundai parts also preserves both your Hyundai and Zupps warranties.  Any hard to find parts can be delivered to Brisbane quickly and efficiently.  

By choosing Aspley Hyundai you can be sssured of the following:

  • Genuine parts and accessories
  • Large variety in stock
  • Parts sourced as quickly as possible if it’s not on our Dealership shelves
  • Manufacturer warranty come free on all parts and accessories
  • Specialist staff that will happily help you find the part you need quickly


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Save time by calling us with your parts order on (07) 3246 8000 or use our online enquiry form to find out more. As your Brisbane northside Hyundai Dealer, we look forward to assisting you. 

The most important reason for choosing genuine parts is that they are tested and designed by your car’s maker to keep you safe. So what’s more important – saving a few dollars or potentially saving lives?

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Genuine Parts

Air Filters

Hyundai Genuine Air Filters utilise the latest filtering technology to block the majority of airborne dust and debris from entering your engine, offering maximum protection and durability.

Hyundai Genuine Brake Pads.

It is important to replace your brake pads with Hyundai Genuine Brake Pads when required as they may cause significant damage to other components of the vehicle’s braking system which can lead to costly repairs.

Smooth Changing Clutch Disc.

The Hyundai Genuine Clutch Disc normalises irregular engine shocks coming from the wheels during a slip or damper of the clutch. It enables smooth gear changes to be made, with a positive and unobstructive motion.

Fuel Filters.

Hyundai Genuine Fuel Filters block dirt particles and other contaminants from entering your engine and are treated with a high-quality anti-corrosion finish to prevent possible rust caused by water collected by the filter.

Oil Filter.

Hyundai Genuine Oil Filters will ensure that you get the best performance from your engine for many years to come. They maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine, and help to avoid costly repairs.

Perfect Timing Belts.

A timing belt controls and connects related engine components to operate in set time and achieve smooth engine strokes of suction, compression, combustion and exhaust – in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C.